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Unfinished Business by uncannyknack
Unfinished Business
An update on a piece from a couple years ago - resolved anatomy issues for the most part, tightened the action and added a bit more emotion and intensity...or tried anyway! Kept the same composition as part of the challenge. Lots of noodly painting here and reuse of the original, in addition to some select bodybuilding photo samples. BG is a couple nature wallpapers punched together to give the encounter a narrative frame
StarLord WIP by uncannyknack
StarLord WIP
This is a near complete look at the original Star Lord. I mellowed the bright yellow on the original costume and ditched the rapier, dropped on a new coat of costume paint but kept the integrity of the original design. The BG is a Hubble Telescope wallpaper and the planet is a hi-res New Horizon shot of Pluto. Character is all me, several custom textures and old fashioned digital painting. His weapon hand isn't mine, but from a Guardians of the Galaxy promo shot of Chris Pratt in costume. I figured a throw to the recent feature was in order. This will be presented to Steve Englehart, co-creator of Star Lord, as a guest gift at the Edmonton Comic Expo
Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting and commenting. Always appreciated. It's come to my attention that Imgur Internet detectives blowing their truth whistle have been working tirelessly to forensically audit my work and demand I acknowledge it as photomanipulation, like I'm trying to pull a fast one on an enlightened audience. Well you got me. Ok, yes it is. I thought that was pretty clear but I'll categorically state the obvious: IT IS. Along with a dog's breakfast of texture mash, digital painting in Photoshop and Painter, Z-Brush, custom brushes and a handful of other tools to get results, or in my case, solutions to design problems. I work in film and TV and this is standard illustration operating procedure. We require photographic detail, not observational detail...basically the difference between Rembrandt and Vermeer. It's so everyone is on the same page and that page has to look like it will through the DP's viewfinder. I'm not an 'illustrator' like a painterly renderer who does Magic or WoW cards. This we all know and I don't need anyone to point out the difference like a pinch faced hipster asshole playing art school jargon grabass with their scenester friends. I'm far more smashmouth and less deliberate in my conceits. But what I have done though is inadvertently misled some who may have thought these were a. finished, because 'WIP' or 'work in progress' is a clever ruse to bypass critical judgment b. 'drawings' or 'paintings', like the clinical distinction influences the enjoyment or abhorrence in some valuable and tangible way  c. not properly credited or sourced. My fault on all three I guess. I put work in progress because I'm always fiddling with them and I usually just abandon them, not finish them in any conventional sense. To point b, see above and c, I will definitely be far more prudent in future. I've let that slide to my peril and my apologies to anyone I may have neglected including myself as I build a shit ton of raw material myself. This is an absence of malice scenario. Again, no one is claiming pristine vacuum originality and from scratch artbuilding here but happy to do it. I share the same free range Internet as everyone else and a couple paid stock sites so I offer this modest proposal - I'll be more diligent in the future. I want to make sure all those out there know that this old hack listens to their plaintive wails of protest and am responsive to their hue and cry. And for context and clarity, I worked at Bioware for nine years as director of concept design so if you see any designs for characters or scenarios not properly accredited, it's because I'd be circling around and crediting myself which is a bit too meta for my tastes. And secondly, I'm Disney and WB approved and endorsed so yes I make money from this. It's my career and you can have one too if you work hard and smart, draw a ton of bad ones until you get to good ones and make some positive mutually beneficial connections. And as far as making money selling prints on DA, I don't. Not a cent. Licensed characters can't be sold as original artwork if you read the boilerplate in the R&R agreement. So there's that. Anyway, everyone peace out and keeping making kickass shit
Wolverine WIP by uncannyknack
Wolverine WIP
Work in progress of Weapon X in action, fighting ninjas/samurais and whatever else is trying to kill him this time. Still fiddling but getting closer
Quicksilver WIP by uncannyknack
Quicksilver WIP
Work in progress of old school Quicksilver hauling ass. Slowly wending my way through the Marvel mutants. Not quite done but getting close
DA friends,

I'll be at Emerald City Comic Con with a multitude of talented and cool artists in the Alley table C-12. Don't be a stranger! Drop by, say hi and check out the scene. See you there!


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John Gallagher
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
I started working as a professional artist in 1996 at Bioware, a videogame development studio in Edmonton, working as Director of Concept Art for eight years honing my craft. I've been working as a production illustrator for the last six years in Vancouver on such series as Defying Gravity, V, Once Upon A Time, Falling Skies and now The Flash, debuting in October 2014 and have been a guest artist at several comic conventions and enjoyed the hell out of all of it. Always looking to meet other artists with great passion for the work and collaborations, share stories, swap tips and talk shop, new projects and networking with the great talent here on Deviantart


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